Juvenile awards presented at end of season ceremony

There was a large attendance in the Clubhouse on Saturday evening to mark the end of the Juvenile season with the presentation of prizes to the weekly winners and the major winners as well as the naming of the Golfers of the Year in the respective categories.

Eoin Purton took the 18 Hole Boys Award with Emma Connolly winning the Girls Award while the Nine Hole awards went to John Clarke and Keira Kenny respectively.

The Paul Malone Cup was presented to Fionn Cunningham while Clara Egan was named Member of the Year.

Saturday also saw the annual Adult & Juvenile competition which is sponsored by our Club Professional Leslie Walker. It attracted a large entry and all six categories were keenly contested with the respective winners being Clem Walsh & Fionn Cunningham, Graham Purcell & Aoife Purcell, Conall Murdock & Sean Spaight, Eddie Rogers & Clara Egan, Conor Curran & Darragh Cunningham and Gareth Duffy & Eva Duffy.

Saturday, September 28 – Adult & Juvenile Scotch Foursomes sponsored by Leslie Walker – Category 1 (Adult & 18 Hole Boy): Clem Walshe (4) & Fionn Cunningham (18) 63.5, David Brennan (13) & Louis Goodman (18) 65.5/33.25. Category 2 (Adult & 18 Hole Girl): Graham Purcell (21) & Aoife Purcell (36) 78.5/36.75, Patrick Wadding (23) & Zara Wadding (22) 78.5/40.74. Category 3 (Adult and 9 Hole Boy): Conall Murdock (4) & Sean Spaight (30) 67, Brendan Keane (11) & Jack McKeown (36) 67.5. Category 4 (Adult & 9 Hole Girl): Eddie Rogers (4) & Clara Egan (36) 71, Gerry McDermott (16) & Mia McDermott (36) 74. Category 5 (Adult & 5 Hole Boy): Conor Curran (1) & Darragh Cunningham (36) 27.75, Michael Coburn (10) & Rueben Woods (36) 29.5. Category 6 (Adult & 5 Hole Girl): Gareth Duffy (5) & Eva Duffy (36) 36.75.

Juvenile Awards 2019 – Golfer of the Year: Eoin Purton (18 Hole Boys), Emma Connolly (18 Hole Girls), John Clarke (9 Hole Boys), Keira Kenny (9 Hole Girls). Paul Malone Cup: Fionn Cunningham. Member of the Year: Clara Egan. Captain’s Prize: Lee Egan (18 Hole Boys), Donnacha Halpenny (9 Hole Boys). Lady Captain’s Prize: Zara Wadding (18 Hole Girls), Clara Egan (9 Hole Girls), Grace Cosgrove (Cadette). President’s Prize: Rory Henry (18 Hole Boys), Sean McKenna (9 Hole Boys). Lady President’s Prize: Bronagh Hughes (18 Hole Girl). Hon Secretary’s Prize: Sean McKenna (9 Hole Boys). Ladies Secretary’s Prize: Keira Kenny (9 Hole Girls), Laura Cosgrove (Cadette). Professionals Prize: Tom Cunniffe (18 Hole Boys), Zara Wadding (918 Hole Girls), John Clarke (9 Hole Boys), Keira Kenny (9 Hole Girls), Eve Carolan (Cadette). 18 Hole Boys Weekly Winners: Chris Clarke, James O’Connell, Luke McDonough, Tom Dunne, Eoin Purton, Joseph Laverty, Declan Curtin, Michael Staunton, Daniel Nordone, Fionn Cunningham, Ciaran Johnston, Sam Malone, Conall Mullins, Aaron Spaight. 18 Hole Girls Weekly Winners: Aoife Verling, Eve Rowland, Zara Wadding. 9 Hole Boys Weekly Winners: Sean Spaight, Odhran MacShane, Jarlaith Purcell, John Clarke, Sean Morgan, Luke Johnston, Sean Brown, Donnacha Halpenny, Senan Rafferty, Cian O’Donoghue, Sam Phelan, Tiernan Cunningham. 9 Hole Girls Weekly Winners: Kiera Kenny, Mia McDermott, Clara Egan. Cadette Weekly Winners: Jenny Hawe, Grace Cosgrove, Phoebe Walker, Holly Murray.