Newsam Cup 2014


If you are eligible to play, we encourage you to get involved.


Newsam Cup 2014


 InvitationAll members who qualify for this competition are invited to take part in competitive trials. All qualifying members are encouraged to take part so that the club can field our strongest team, and if your are competitive, you’ll enjoy it.

Do I Qualify You must be 30 or over, with a minimum Handicap of 17 (1st Jan 2014). You must be willing to play both at home and away.

Competition FormatFoursomes matchplay with half the combined handicap difference. The draw will be either 3 matches at home and 2 away, or vice-versa.

Partner UpIf you have a colleague that you are comfortable playing with you are welcome to team up, if not, you will be partnered up after the first meeting.

While 5 pairs play each match, we intend having a panel of 8 pairs to allow for form, holidays etc.

TimescaleWe don’t have any notification of the draw yet. While this some time away, we would like take this time to put the best panel together that we can and at the same time give you all a fair opportunity to represent the Club in this competition.

Monday 3rd March at 8.00pm – Meeting for all interested in the club house.

Saturday 8th March – First competitive trial. Foursomes stroke competition.

We need to know the numbers participating before planning additional trials, which may include round robin matchplay.

If you wish to participate then please email or call either of us before Friday 28th February. If you have a partner then include this in your email. Alternatively, put your details on the list in the locker room notice board. If you wish to participate but can’t make the initial meeting, just let us know.

Team Selectors

Ray Pepper (m) 085 174 0661 (e)

Peter McCaughey (m) 086 241 1542 (e)