Ladies Winter League tees off

The Winter League a 9 Hole Stableford  Competition which saw Round One being played on Saturday, October 28 and Tuesday, October  31.

The scoring was fantastic with Betty Rogers winning Class A with a superb 21pts. Judy McDonough also had an excellent score of 21pts in winning Class B while Class C was won by Maura Shelly with a very good score of 18pts.

This was great golf from these three players and we will be watching the teams at the top of the leader board as the competition progresses.

Winter League Round 1 – Class A: Betty Rogers (12) 21pts, Olivia Cunningham (12) 20pts, Theresa Connolly (17) 19pts/16pts. Class B: Judy McDonough (25) 21pts, Mary A McDonnell (25) 18pts/7pts, Anne Murray (21) 18pts/4pts. Class C: Maura Shelley (36)  18pts/7pts,         Grainne Mullins (36) 18pts/6pts, Oonagh Quinn (33) 18pts/5pts. Two’s – 5th : Siobhan Rogers. 9th: Olivia Cunningham , Theresa Connolly, Una Kelly and Diane Arthur