Champagne Team and Nine Hole Repeater Results

1st :Martin Cairns (17)

Mark Cairns(15)

Adrian Kenny (19)

Gerry Murray (10)                      70pts


2nd:   Ray Pepper (19)

Andrew Mackell (28)

Stephen Haughey (13)

Ciaran McAteer (20)            (70pts-1), 69pts


Entry: 90

Two’s : 4 players , 4 Two’s

9 Hole Repeater – Prizes may be collected in pro Shop

1st Michael Noone (16) 17pts/13, 2nd Cathal Grennan(8) 17, 3rd Pat Davis (16)16pts/11



In competitions requiring drives per player, please show player A,B,C or D in the markers score column to denote who drove at each hole.


Turkey Vouchers Explained

Players should play off their normal handicaps, points deductions or handicap adjustments will be made by the tournament committee after each event. Note second place team were deducted one point today as one of their players had already won a voucher.

Methodology : Deduction of 0.5 pts per voucher won rounded to nearest whole number.