Impressive score from Champagne winners

Sunday saw another team competition as the Winter Series sponsored by Tiernans Centra Blackrock entered its second week.

This was a Champagne competition over 14 holes so two scores counted at each hole but each player had to play their second shot from the selected drive on par fours and fives.

Three low men, Conor McCaughey (6), David Murden (9) and Mickey Coburn (9) combined with Nigel Giff (21) to return the best score of the day, an impressive 77pts.

That was two points more than the 75pts recorded by the runners-up, a team made up of seasoned veterans George Rogers (19), Sean Ward (19) and Ollie English (13) along with Martin Crosby (9). They took second place on countback thanks to their 49pts haul over the final nine holes.

Sunday, February 10 – 14 Hole Champagne Team of Four Winter Series sponsored by Tiernans Centra Blackrock – 1st: Conor McCaughey (6), David Murden (9), Nigel Giff (21), Mickey Coburn (9) 77pts. 2nd: George Rogers (19), Sean Ward (19), Ollie English (13), Martin Crosby (9) 75/49pts.