Membership at Dundalk Golf Club


With its championship course, superb facilities and excellent location on the North East Corridor, minutes from the M1, membership at Dundalk Golf Club is for the discerning player and social golfer alike.

If you are interested in becoming a member we would welcome the opportunity to take you through the benefits that membership of Dundalk Golf Club would mean to you and your game.

Please email for more information.

Membership Categories

The following is a list of  Membership Categories and requirements for each category, that has been ratified by The Executive Committee.

Golf Insurance is compulsory in all categories

1. New Members

Persons wishing to join DGC must apply in writing, and be proposed +seconded by a full member of at least 5 years standing.  A delegation from the Membership Committee and the manager will meet each new applicant in advance, assess the application and then make its recommendation to The Executive for ratification.

  • Full Membership: Entrance Fee: €3,500

Payment can be made on a phased basis:

  • Option 1: €1250 x 3 (over 3 years)
  • Option 2: €800 x 5    (over 5 years

The Entrance Fee must be paid in advance of Annual Subscription.

  • Annual Subscription

Annual subscription (€976) + GUI/ILGU Affiliation Fee (€25) + Clubhouse Spend (€125) + Insurance (€25) Total = €1150.  Annual Subscription must be paid in full by January. 31st

Payment option for annual subscription: Premium Credit Scheme

Dundalk Golf Club have partnered with Premium Credit who administer and provide a monthly instalment plan for the annual subscription. Members can apply to pay annual subscriptions over a period of 6 months at an instalment charge of 3.75% (APR% variable) or over a period of 10 months at an instalment charge of 4.75% (APR% variable).

If a new member wishes to join after 1st July , of the year in question, the annual subscription  will be reduced by 25%  (€690) and will be reduced by 50%  (€460) after September 1st.

2. Reduced Membership

Members aged 65 or over on 1st January (of year in question) and who have 20 years continuous membership are entitled to apply for a reduced annual subscription. (Does not apply to 5 day membership).

3. Honorary Membership:

Persons aged 80 (or over) on January 1st (of year in question), and with 30 years continuous membership, are entitled to apply for Honorary membership. (Does not apply to 5 day membership).

4. Juvenile Membership: 8-18 years

Juvenile membership starts at age 8 on January 1st (of  year in question) to 18.

The annual fee is €202.

Accompanied  Juvenile  members pay an annual fee of €81 and must be accompanied by an adult member at all times.

The ladies and gents committees can give consideration to high achieving juvenile golfers to allow them to play in their competitions, based on handicap. Rules to be set up and access to BRS for these juveniles is managed by the gents and ladies committee. All juveniles, regardless of handicap, retain juvenile status until they reach  18 years of age.

Juvenile members who allow their membership to lapse and wish to rejoin, at a later date, must reapply through the same process.

5. Junior  Membership: 18 – 25 years

A Juvenile member may apply for Junior membership  (Proposed + Seconded by a member of at least 5 years standing)  when they are 18 years old on 1st January (of  year in question)

The total annual fees for a junior member is €367 (includes subscription €318, GI Fee €24, and Insurance €25)

6. Junior Membership — Full Membership: 25years +

Entrance fee is €1500.

A junior member may apply in writing for Full Membership if they are 25 years of age on 1st January (of year in question). They must be proposed + seconded by a Full Member of at least 5 years standing.

Members in this category will be credited €300 towards the Entrance Fee €1,500) for each year of junior membership.  .  They must also pay the GUI/ILGU Affiliation Fee + Clubhouse Spend + Insurance.

Former Junior Members , who did not take up Full Membership at age 25 and are under the age of 30 years, can  apply  to join as a Full Member (process as above)  at a cost of  €1500 Entrance Fee  + Annual Subscription + GUI/ILGU Affiliation Fee + Clubhouse Spend.

7. Outside of Ireland Membership: (32 Counties)

Full members who work abroad (and as a result live abroad)  can apply for a reduced subscription of €505 + GUI/ILGU Affiliation Fee+ Insurance in the first year. This entitles them to 6 weeks playing rights.

For 2nd and further years, the subscription will be €300 + GUI/ILGU Affiliation Fee + Insurance (6 weeks playing rights.)

If a person plays only 1 day in a week , that is one week used up.

Members in this category are not eligible to win a major competition.

8. Overseas Membership

This is a category for members whose permanent address is outside of Ireland. They pay a once – off payment of €2500 and this entitles them to playing rights for 3 (calendar) months ( E.g. If they only  play for 1 day in June, then this is one of their calendar months used up).

They must pay GUI/ILGU Affiliation Fee+ Insurance each year.

They are not eligible to win a major competition.

They must notify the club of any change in permanent address and this category of membership will cease, should they take up permanent residency in Ireland.

9. Staff Membership

The following terms apply to the Staff Membership Category:

The subscription will be €700 per annum + GUI/ILGU Affiliation Fee + Insurance + Clubhouse Spend.

The applicant must be proposed and seconded by a full / associate member of Dundalk Golf Club of at least five years standing.

The applicant must be a permanent member of staff, employed by DGC for a minimum of two years.

The successful applicant will be a nonvoting member of Dundalk Golf Club.

The applicant will cease to be a member in this category at the end of the calendar year following termination of employment in DGC.

The applicant’s duties and responsibilities as a staff member as specified in the terms and conditions of his/her contract must always take precedence and nothing in the award of this membership facility shall change such terms and conditions.

The terms of this category are compliant with current Taxation law. Dundalk Golf Club will not accept liability for charges as a result of any change in the future.

10. Deferrals on Health Grounds

Illness / Injury must be certified in all cases for a deferral.

A  fully paid up  member who becomes ill / injured and is certified  unable to play for the duration of the year, or part thereof  ,  may apply in writing for a deferral of his/her membership and have his /her annual subscription adjusted  accordingly. (See scale below)  This matter will be dealt with by the Manager, in conjunction with the Membership Committee, on a case by case basis. In extenuating circumstances, a deferral period may be extended. Such deferrals will not incur a rejoining fee or a break in continuous membership service.

Certified unfit to play for the remainder of the year in: % of sub balance rolled over to following year
Jan – Feb 100%
March – April 75%
May – June 50%
July – Aug – Sept 25%
Oct – Dec 0%

Table 1

11. Resignation

In the event that a full member resigns and in time, wishes to rejoin D G C, the following terms will apply:

  • They must reapply. (Proposed +Seconded by a full member of at least 5 years standing.
  • Members who INITIALLY paid a minimum of €5,000 Entrance Fee will not incur a rejoining fee on the first occasion. 
  • A person who rejoins may incur a fee based on the scale below:

Rejoining Fee

Number of Years out % of current entrance fee (as a rejoining fee)
1 Year  10%
2 Years  20%
3 Years  30%

Table 2

If a member takes leave of absence or resigns for 5 years or more the Full Entrance Fee will be required.

May be placed on a Waiting List.

May break their continuous membership service.

Notices of resignations should be tendered in writing to the Club.

A member, who does not pay their Annual Subscription, and doesn’t make  representation to Club Management regarding same, will be deemed to have resigned their membership.

12. Pavilion Members

Pavilion Membership includes the use of the Clubhouse Facilities, the use of the Practice Facilities and 1 complimentary Green Fee.

New members must fill out an application form and have a proposer and seconder of at least 5 years standing.

New members  who wish to join as Pavilion members  will  pay the annual Subscription  Fee of €152  + Clubhouse Spend 125€  + Insurance  25€  (€302 in total)

If a new member wishes to join during the year , the following sliding scale may apply :


Subscription +Clubhouse spend


January – December €152 + €125 + €25  €302 (Total)
May – December  €100 + €82.66 + €25  €207.66 (Reduced)
September – December €50 + €41.33 + €25  €116.33 (Reduced)

Table 3

13. Deceased Members

The family of a member who passes away will be refunded the unused part of the deceased’s membership subscription.

14. Complementary Use of Club Facilities

The Executive Committee has the discretion to offer complementary use of the club facilities to certain retired or resigned former members who have had a lengthy association with the club or have served the Club with distinction over many years.