Rafferty helps Ireland win back Home Internationals

CAOLAN Rafferty helped Ireland win the Home Internationals for the 19th time, and the first since 2017, at Hankley Common Golf Club in England.

The Dundalk Golf Club player contributed 2.5 points out of a possible five in the matches against Scotland, Wales and England as Ireland beat Scotland and Wales and then drew with England to pip the Scots for the title by half-a-point.

“I made my debut in the Home Internationals back in 2017 when we last won and this was my fourth Homes so it was a nice feeling to claim it back for Ireland. Playing for you country is special, but winning for your country is even better,” said Rafferty.

The 28-year-old headed to England last Monday morning full of expectation after an excellent performance in the One Finance sponsored Dundalk Scratch Cup where he was beaten in a play-off by Ireland team-mate Jack McDonnell after both had finished the 36-hole event on seven under par.

“I was looking forward to the Home Internationals after playing nicely on Sunday. It would have been nice to win the Scratch Cup but being in contention again was nice,” said Rafferty.

However, Rafferty was quickly brought down to earth when the Championship started on Wednesday against Scotland. Although Ireland won 8.5 to 6.5, Rafferty and Marc Boucher were beaten 2&1 in the foursomes and Rafferty lost 7&6 to Andrew Ni in the singles.

“In the morning myself and Marc Bouchar struggled to gel early on and we were just a bit off for some reason. We were four down with six to play but got it together, won 13 and 14, and made a push for it at the end, but just had too much to do. 

“In the evening I didn’t play bad at all. I got caught up in the heather a couple of times which led to three bogeys. But the chap I played had a good day and made a heap of birdies which made the scoreline look worse than it actually was.” 

Despite being the team’s most experienced player, Rafferty was dropped for the morning foursomes against Wales and admitted it was a blow.

“Yes, it was a tough one to take and, after being beaten the day before, it knocked the stuffing out of me. But I had to pull it together and be there for the lads because, at the end of the day, it’s a team competition. I was the team advisor that morning which meant I could help the lads out with shots and chat to them along the fairway so that was passed the morning for me.”

His advice certainly reaped dividends as Ireland won the foursomes 3-2 and Rafferty returned to the fray that afternoon in the singles where he was handed the all-important anchor role and beat Tom Matthews 4&3 as Ireland won the singles 8-2 and the match 11-4.

“It’s a role I was asked would I take up this week. Colm Campbell use to be always there so it’s a position that the Irish set-up really focuses on. Obviously, apart from the first day, it paid off in our favour and it was nice to have that trust placed in you to fill such an important position.”

Rafferty was never behind in his match against Matthews with his third birdie of the round closing it out on the 16th.  

“It was nice to have a good win alright. It picked me up a little after the day before and the disappointment of being dropped too.” 

 With Scotland beating England it meant Ireland only need a draw against the defending champions to take the title and deny the English a clean sweep as they had already won the Senior Men’s, Women’s, Boys and Girls Home Internationals. 

“We all fancied our chances of winning the match. We are a strong team which got on very well together and each player wanted to win a point for the next man so it was a great team to be part of.”

However, things did not look good after the morning foursomes as England led 4-1, winning three of the five matches and halving the other two. Rafferty, playing with Sligo’s TJ Ford, got one of those half points despite never being in front against the English pairing of Jack Bigham and Josh Hill and being two down with three to play.

“We were up against it all day and a few missed chances left us with a lot of work to do. On 16 TJ hit a great shot into about 10-12 feet and I held it for birdie. I had just missed a short one on the hole before, so I was making sure I made up for it.”

The 17th was halved in birdie and the Irish came away with a vital point when the English conceded after a dramatic final hole.“The 18th was a disaster for both sides but we just had a bit less of a nightmare. We had 12 feet for par after a wild tee shot and luckily enough for us the English lads hit a worse tee shot and made a six.” 

The Irish faced an uphill battle in the afternoon singles, but they dug deep and rallied and won the session by 6.5 to 3.5 with Rafferty’s 8&7 demolition of the current British Amateur Champion, Laird Shepherd, the undoubted highlight as it showed the most unlikely of comebacks was possible.

Rafferty bossed the match from the first hole and won every hole on the front nine to be nine up at the turn. Although he lost the 10th to a birdie he halved the 11th in par to seal a remarkable victory.

“The first 9 holes where a bit mad. If he made a mistake, I was putting it in the right position to punish him and then, when he was in position, I made birdie and he didn’t. It was a bit surreal if I’m honest because I never have been in that position before.” 

Click here for the full results from the 2021 Home Internationals.


WATCH: 2021 Dundalk Scratch Cup Video Report

Here is our video report the 2021 Dundalk Scratch Cup, sponsored by One Finance, which took place last Sunday and was won by Forest Little’s Jack McDonnell after a play-off with Caolan Rafferty.

Click on the link to view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jekMEewoqCE 

McDonnell beats Rafferty in play-off to win Dundalk Scratch Cup

Jack McDonnell (centre) receives the Dundalk Scratch Cup from Dundalk Golf Club Captain Trevor Giff and Martin McDonnell, Managing Director of One Finance.

JACK McDonnell of Forest Little defeated Dundalk’s Caolan Rafferty in a sudden-death play-off to win the One Finance sponsored Dundalk Scratch Cup for the first time.

McDonnell and Rafferty were level on seven under at the end of the 36 hole tournaments but McDonnell birdied the opening play-off, the par four first, after an excellent pitch to six feet. 

Dundalk’s Eoin Murphy and Robert Moran of The Castle finished two shots behind McDonnell and Rafferty with another Dundalk player, Aaron Grant in fifth. 


Dundalk Senior Scratch Cup sponsored by One Finance

1st: Jack McDonnell (Forest Little) (+3.3) 137 (67/70) (Won on first play-off hole).

2nd: Caolan Rafferty (Dundalk) (+3.4) 137 (69/68)

3rd: Eoin Murphy (Dundalk) (+2.0) 139 (71/68)

4th: Robert Moran (The Castle) (+4.8) 139 (71/68)

Best Nett: Joseph Laverty (Dundalk) (1.9) 146 (74/72) Back 9.

First 18 Gross: Ciaran Tracey (Co Louth) (+1.0 ) 69.

First 18 Nett: Conor Murphy (Dundalk) (2.2) 69.

Second 18 Gross: Matthew Giles (Greenore) (-3.3) 68.

Second 18 Nett: Liam McGavisk (Greenore) (0.9) 70.


Position – Player – R1 – R2 – Score

1 – Mc Donnell, Jack 67 70 137 137,70,37,25,13,4

1- Rafferty, Caolan 69 68 137 137,68,34,22,12,4
McDonnell won on first play-off hole

3 Murphy, Eoin 71 68 139 139,68,33,21,11,4
4 Moran, Robert 71 68 139 139,68,33,22,11,4
5 Grant, Aaron 70 70 140 140,70,35,22,10,4
6 Ward, Simon 72 69 141 141,69,33,20,10,3
7 Giles, Matthew 76 68 144 144,68,35,22,11,4
8 Coulter, Stephen 71 73 144 144,73,34,21,11,4
9 Dunne, Gerard 72 73 145 145,73,36,23,11,4
10 Abom, Liam 74 72 146 146,72,37,25,11,4
11 Campbell, Colm Jnr 73 73 146 146,73,38,25,14,4
12 Murphy, Jason 76 71 147 147,71,35,23,13,5
13 Boucher, Marc 73 74 147 147,74,37,24,11,4
14 Callaghan, Graham 72 75 147 147,75,35,24,11,4
15 Marshall, David Jnr 70 77 147 147,77,38,24,14,4
16 Johnston, Ciaran 77 71 148 148,71,35,22,11,4
17 Ryan, Aaron 77 71 148 148,71,38,23,13,4
18 McDonnell, Charlie 76 72 148 148,72,36,22,11,4
19 Shiel, Daivd 71 77 148 148,77,39,25,14,7
20 Tracey, Ciaran 69 79 148 148,79,39,24,13,5
21 Smith, Adam 74 75 149 149,75,38,24,11,3
22 Laverty, Joseph 76 74 150 150,74,37,23,13,5
23 Winters, David 77 74 151 151,74,39,24,13,5
24 St. John, Brandon 76 75 151 151,75,36,23,12,4
25 Collins, Annraoi 76 75 151 151,75,37,23,11,4
26 Rogers, Dean 75 76 151 151,76,36,22,9,3
27 Whelan, Jake 74 77 151 151,77,39,26,13,4
28 Connell, Charlie 73 78 151 151,78,37,21,10,4
29 McGavisk, Liam 81 71 152 152,71,36,22,10,3
30 Doyle, Andrew 79 73 152 152,73,38,23,11,4
31 McConnell, Simon 77 75 152 152,75,35,22,11,4
32 Coyle, Daniel 76 76 152 152,76,38,25,13,4
33 Harper, Tristan Lee 74 78 152 152,78,39,26,14,6
34 Justice, Mark 76 77 153 153,77,38,24,11,3
35 Farrell, Evan 74 79 153 153,79,39,25,13,5
36 O’Dwyer, Luke 78 76 154 154,76,38,21,10,3
37 Hession, Shane 77 77 154 154,77,38,24,12,4
38 Rogers, Peter 77 77 154 154,77,39,24,13,4
39 Gammell, Samuel 75 79 154 154,79,40,25,12,4
40 Wade, Gareth 78 77 155 155,77,38,24,11,4
41 Green, Michael 77 78 155 155,78,40,25,13,5
42 O’Connor, Ruairi 75 80 155 155,80,39,23,11,4
43 Harbourne, Dylan 74 81 155 155,81,40,24,12,4
44 Mackell, Neal 82 74 156 156,74,34,21,10,5
45 Quigley, Aidan 80 76 156 156,76,37,23,11,4
46 Dooley, Aidan 80 76 156 156,76,39,23,13,4
47 Murdock, Conall 79 77 156 156,77,39,25,14,4
48 Abom, Thomas 78 78 156 156,78,39,24,12,4
49 Mina Ronayne, Mikey 81 76 157 157,76,38,23,12,5
50 Murphy, Conor 72 85 157 157,85,42,28,15,6
51 Alderdice, Zak 82 76 158 158,76,38,25,13,5
52 McKenna, Daniel 78 80 158 158,80,39,24,13,4
53 McCaughey, Connor 78 80 158 158,80,40,26,13,4
54 Pilkington, David 77 81 158 158,81,38,25,12,4
55 Caffrey, Ben 77 81 158 158,81,40,26,13,4
56 Kelly, Jamie 75 83 158 158,83,41,24,13,5
57 Tynan, David 81 78 159 159,78,39,23,11,5
58 Roche, Colin 82 78 160 160,78,38,21,11,4
59 Mackin, Josh 78 83 161 161,83,44,27,13,4
60 McCann, Austin 82 81 163 163,81,40,24,12,4
61 Mullins Shortt, Conall 89 76 165 165,76,36,22,9,3
62 Kennelly, Ruairi 83 83 166 166,83,42,28,13,4
63 Copeland, Gerard 86 87 173 173,87,46,30,17,6
IC Reidy, Sean 77 IC IC

Draw made for 2021 Dundalk Scratch Cup

THE draw has been made for the 2021 Dundalk Scratch Cup, sponsored by One Finance. The 36-tournament will take place on Sunday with shotgun starts to both rounds at 9am and 2pm respectively.

Defending champion Jake Whelan is seeking to become only the fourth player in 59 years to retain what is one of the most prestigious scratch cups events in Ireland. 

But he will face stiff opposition to his hopes of back to back victories with four members of the Ireland team for next week’s Home Internationals in England among the 72 strong field teeing it up on Sunday in Dundalk.

Alongside three-time winner and local hero Caolan Rafferty will be Jack McDonnell (Forest Little), Marc Boucher (Carton House) and Robert Moran (Castle).

The field also includes former winners like Colm Campbell (Warrenpoint), Aaron Grant (Dundalk), Gary Cullen (Portmarnock Links) and Daniel Coyle (Portmarnock).

Dundalk Scratch Cup 2021 Draw sheet

Shotgun Start. Round 1 (9am), Round 2 (2pm)

Hole 1: Caolan Rafferty (Dundalk), Mark Boucher (Carton House), Colm Campbell (Warrenpoint).

Hole 2:  Aaron Grant (Dundalk), Thomas Plunkett (Crober), Aidan Dooley (Carton House).

Hole 3: Ciaran Johnston (Dundalk), Niall O’Callaghan (Greenore), Brandon St John (Portmarnock).

Hole 4: Peter Rogers (Dundalk), Shane Hession (Dundalk), Ciaran Tracey (Co Louth).

Hole 5A: Neal Mackell (Dundalk), Conor Murphy (Dundalk), Samuel Gammel (Naas).

Hole 5B: Liam McGavisk (Rush), Austin McCann (Co Louth), Conall Murdock (Dundalk).

Hole 6: Daniel McKenna (Laytown & Bettystown), Conor McCaughey (Dundalk), Darren Myles (Dundalk).

Hole 7A: Chris Cullen (Portmarnock Links), Aidan Quigley (Woodbrook), Ethan Garvey (Elm Park).

Hole 7B: Colin Roche (Dundalk), Mark Gorham (Dundalk), Mark Justice (Ardee).

Hole 8A: Jason Murphy (Dundalk), David Marshall (Naas), Jamie Kelly (Ardee).

Hole 8B: Ruairi Kennelly (Castleknock), Michael Greene (Greenore), Simon McConnell (Ballyclare).

Hole 9: Cian Dullaghan (Greenore), Annraoi Collins (Laytown & Bettystown), Mathew Giles (Greenore).

Hole 10: Jake Whelan (Grange), Simon Ward (Belvoir Park), Jack McDonnell (Forrest Little).

Hole 11A: David Shiel (Powerscourt), Aaron Ryan (Thurles), Thomas Abom (Edmonstown).

Hole 11B: Liam Abom (Edmonstown), Dillon Harbourne (Newlands), Tristan Harper (Ardee).

Hole 12: Gerard Copeland (Galgorm), Joseph Laverty (Dundalk), Mikey Ronayn (Mullingar).

Hole 13A: Sean Reidy (Dundalk), Luke Harris (Hermitage), Dean Rogers (Forrest Little).

Hole 13B: Zak Alderdice (Dundalk), David Pilkington (Cloverhill), Andrew Doyle (Woodbrook).

Hole 14: Daniel Coyle (Portmarnock), Ben Caffrey (Ardee), David Tynan (Mullingar).

Hole 15: Alexander Purdy (Galgorm), Charlie McDonnell (Concra Wood), Gary Wade (Seapoint).

Hole 16: Charlie Connell (Newlands), Luke O’Dwyer (Forrest Little), Danny Sweeney (Luttrellstown).

Hole 17A: Evan Farrell (Ardee), Graham Callaghan (Co Louth), Gary Cullen (Portmarnock).

Hole 17B: David Winters (Seapoint), Ruairi O’Connor (Sligo), Adam Smith (Mullingar).

Hole 18: Eoin Murphy (Dundalk), Robert Moran (Castle), Gerard Dunne (Co. Louth).

Casey wins Captain’s Prize by two shots from Callan


Captain’s Prize Winner John Paul Casey receives his prize from Captain Trevor Giff.

JOHN Paul Casey showed nerves of steel to take Trevor Giff’s Captain’s Prize at Dundalk Golf Club oN Sunday.

Playing off 10, and in the final leaders group, he shot a nett score of two under par 70 to go with his fine five under par 67 from the first round. His score of 137 saw him win by two shots from Shaun Callan with Malcolm Drake in third place. 

Recent Minor Scratch Cup winner Gerry McDermott (17) had set the target as he shot a five under par 67 to charge through the field from 55th position and establish the early club house lead on 141. Drake, who started the day in 30th place, then shot a 68 for a two round total of 140 and he held that lead until the second last group finished and Callan leapfrogged him as he added a 70 to his opening round of 69.

The two other members of the penultimate group – Richard Barry and Shane Thornton – finished on 140 with Barry taking the Veterans Prize after rounds of 68 and 72 while Thornton’s two rounds of 68 and 72 placed him sixth just behind McKeever who shot 69 to go with an opening 71.

Casey began the day in second place, just two shots behind Round 1 leader Maurice Soraghan who had shot a superb seven under par 65 with Fergal Harte completing the final trio after a 68 in the opening round.

Accepting his prize at a special presentation in the Clubhouse, Casey said: “It is an incredible honour for me to win the Captain’s Prize at Dundalk Golf Club and it is something that I will never forget.” 

The foundation for Casey’s victory was laid on the front nine which he covered in 34 nett compared to Soraghan’s 38 and Harte’s 39. He had seven pars, a bogey and a double bogey over the front nine and kept it steady down the back with three pars and six bogeys for a nett score of 36 and a very tidy two under par round of 70 nett.

Callan, playing off 14, was out in 33 nett as he looked to close a first gap of four shots to Soraghan and two to Casey. That left him one ahead of Soraghan after nine and one behind Casey but three double bogeys between the 11th and 14th holes proved costly and he had to sellte for second place after coming home in 37 for a 70 nett.

Caolan Rafferty took the Gross Prize on 138 with a magnificent seven under par 65 the highlight of the second round. He struck for birdie at the first, third, sixth, seventh, 10th 12th, 13th and 14th  and had only one dropped shot at the eighth.

Soraghan took the Division 1 36 hole prize with McDermott claiming the Division 2 honours and Ray Pepper winning Division 3.

Saturday, July 24, Sunday, July 25 and Sunday, August 1 – Trevor Giff’s Captain’s Prize – John Paul Casey 137 (67, 70), Shaun Callan 139 (69, 70) 139, Malcolm Drake 140 (72/69), John McKeever 140 (71\69), Shane Thornton 140 (68/72). Veteran: Richard Barry 140 (68,72). Gross: Caolan Rafferty   138 (73, 65). Division 1 (Up to 11.2):  Maurice Soraghan 140 (65, 75).   Division 2 (11.3 to 16.4): Gerry McDermott 141 (74, 67). Division 3 (16.5+) Ray Pepper 143 (74, 69). Junior/Juvenile – Odhran Mc Shane 137 (70/67), Paul Carroll 139 (66, 73). Gross: Ciaran Johnston 147 (74, 73). Round 1: Fionn Cunningham 64. Round 2: Conal Mullins 66. Saturday Qualifier: Martin McEntaggart 71/32. Division 1 (Up to 11.4): Christy Ward 73/35), Division 2 (11.5 to 17.4): Fergus O’Callaghan 71/35. Division 3 (17.5+): David McDonnell 71/34. Sunday Qualifier: Fergal Harte 68/32. Division 1 (Up to 11.2): Neil Mullooly 69/37. Division 2 (11.3 to 16.4): Michael McDermott 69/34. Division Three (16.5+): Joe Garvey 69/35. Sunday Final Round: Division 1 (Up to -11.2): Austin Shaw 68/31, Anthony O’Donoghue 68/34. Division 2 (11.3 to 16.4): Eamonn McEneaney 71/34, Ciaran Murray 71/35, David Cairns 72/33. Division 3 (16.5+): Dessie Corbett 69/33, Ciaran McAteer 69/35.


Photos from the presentation of prizes.
Overall Winner - John Paul Casey
Gross Winner - Caolan Rafferty
Third Place - Malcolm Drake
Fourth Place - John McKeever
Fifth Place - Shane Thornton
Veteran Winner - Richard Barry
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Overall Winner - John Paul Casey
Gross Winner - Caolan Rafferty
Third Place - Malcolm Drake
Fourth Place - John McKeever
Fifth Place - Shane Thornton
Veteran Winner - Richard Barry
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Rafferty takes positives from Irish Open experience at Mount Juliet

Caolan Rafferty took lots of positives from his involvement in the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open which was played at Mount Juliet over the past week.

The Dundalk Golf Club player, who has been one of Ireland’s leading amateur players over the past few years, received his first ever invite to a European Tour event a few days before the event teed off and, while his interest ended after the second round, he admitted that he enjoyed every moment of the experience of rubbing shoulders with the likes of Rory McIlroy, Shane Lowry and Padraig Harrington.

“It was a great week. I got to compare my game with the top lads and found what I have to work on and what I’m doing that is good,” said Rafferty who shot two rounds of six over par 78 to finish on 12 under.

“Being able to say I played in the Irish Open is nice even though my scores weren’t wonderful. Watching the top players on the range and being quite close to them was a nice experience and one I won’t forget.”

With his Dundalk Golf Club team-mate Eoin Murphy acting as his caddy, Rafferty arrived in Mount Juliet on Tuesday. After getting form-filling and his COVID tests out of the way, he played nine holes with Open champion Shane Lowry and his Ireland team-mate Mark Power, another amateur in the field.

“It was great to share the experience with Eoin and nice to have someone with me who I know well and get on with. It was a great experience for him too, to see the lads, be in that environment for a few days and see what it’s like on tour.  

“Playing with Shane Lowry was another great experience. A member from Dundalk met Shane at the game between Louth and Offaly in Navan and told him I was playing. Shane straight away said: ‘Tell him to join me and Mark, we’re going out in a practice round on Tuesday,” Rafferty explained.

“He’s so sound and helped us out where he could. It was great to see him play and see how good he is.

“I played the 18 holes on the Tuesday and then chilled out. On Wednesday I went to the range and met up with the Srixon reps to check out a few things and got my driver shaft sorted which is now giving me an extra 15 yards off the tee.”

Rafferty was drawn alongside two of the most experienced professionals in the field for his two rounds and admitted that he really enjoyed playing alongside Paul Waring and Edoardo Molinari.

“I couldn’t have asked for two better playing partners. They both made me feel very welcome and comfortable. They had a laugh on the way around too which was great.

Rafferty saw at first hand the small margins that make the difference between success and failure at the top level of professional golf. Molinari was two under at the halfway stage and Waring was level par, but both missed the cut which fell at three under par.

Looking back on his own rounds, Rafferty felt he didn’t do himself justice as he had three birdies, 10 bogeys, one double bogey and one triple bogey over the 36 holes.

“I just didn’t play well. I didn’t play as well as I know I can, and I made some silly mistakes as  well as getting a few bad breaks.”

Having completed his degree at Maynooth University, where he was on a Harrington Giolf Scholarship, the Covid pandemic thwarted Rafferty’s plans to have a go at winning his Tour Card. However, he says that his experience at Mount Juliet is unlikely to have any influence on the future direction of his golf career.

“I’m not going to let two rounds of golf decide on what I do,” he said.

Rafferty’s failure to make the cut did have one positive outcome as it meant the 28-year-old was able to take up the opportunity to drive a Formula 1 car around Mondello race track on Saturday and he admitted it was just the tonic he needed after the disappointment of missing the cut at Mount Juliet.

“When it all went belly up with the golf I headed up the road to Kildare. It was great to have that there to take my mind off the golf and switch off for a day or two even though I would have loved to be in Mount Juliet for another two days. But that’s golf and these things happen.”

Rafferty didn’t get too much downtime after Mount Juliet and Mondello as he was on an early morning flight to Spain on Sunday for the European Team Championships which take place at the PGA Catalunya Resort in Spain having being moved from the Vasatorp Golf Club in Sweden because of travel restriction concerns.

“It’s always nice to get the chance to play for your country and we haven’t had the chance to do that the last while. I would like to think we have a good chance at this year’s Europeans. We have a good mix in the team and we all get on well together so, hopefully, all going well we will qualify in the top tier and then give the matchplay a good run.”

Rafferty off to Irish Open after leading Senior Cup team to victory

Caolan Rafferty is off to this week’s Dubai Duty Free Irish Open at Mount Juliet with club colleague Eoin Murphy on his bag.

This will be Caolan’s first European Tour event although he did take part in the recent Challenge Tour event at Portmarnock and played in the Pro-Am at the 2019 Irish Open in Lahinch. 

Rafferty is in good form at the moment as last Wednesday he shot 40pts off plus four to win the low category in the Open Singles competition at Dundalk and the following day he led the Senior Cup team into the third round of the competition as they beat Greenore 3-2 and gained some revenge for their Barton Shield defeat a fortnight earlier.

Rafferty and Eoin Murphy both won their home matches on the 15th while Josh Mackin won on the 17th in Greenore to secure the match-winning point. Jason Murphy and Joseph Laverty both made their Senior Cup debuts for the Club and, while both were beaten away from home, they will have benefited greatly from the experience.

The Jimmy Bruen Cup team are also through to the next round of their competition after beating Royal Tara 3-2. While Gerard Carroll & Alan McCabe were beaten away from home, Fergal Harte & Emmet Savage McCabe got a vital away point with a 3&2 win. That left Dundalk needing just two wins from the three home matches and they were delivered by Chris Clarke & Donal Sheridan who won 2up and Darren Murphy & Niall Martin who won 4&3 while Mark Cumiskey & Paddy Puton were beaten 1up after their opponents left their drive on the 18th just ten yards from the front of the green where there was a forward pin.  

The Junior Cup team are also through to the next round after beating Greenore 4-1. Ciaran Johnston won 4&3, Brian Og Reneghan won 4&3 and Richard Newell won 2&1 to secure the win with Colin Roche one up when he was called in while Chris Clarke was beaten 2&1.

The Barton Cup team lost their match against Greenore 4-1. John Conlon and Chris Clarke were beaten on the 18th, while Brian Og Reneghan & Denis Cunningham lost on the 17th and Clem Walshe and Ronan Farrelly were beaten on the 16th. The remaining two matches involving Feergal Harte & Emmet Savage McCabe and Aidan Thornton & Conor Hackett were both in sudden death when called in.


Barton Shield run comes to an end

Dundalk’s provincial dominance of the Barton Shield, which yielded Leinster titles in 2018 and 2019, came to an end last Wednesday when the team lost to Greenore.

Caolan Rafferty and Eoin Murphy won their match but Aaron Grant and Josh Mackin were beaten as Greenore won the tie by three holes. 

The Fred Daly team got their campaign off to a winning start with a 3-2 win over Laytown & Bettystown. Zak Alderdice, Chris Clarke and Conal Mullin were the Dundalk winners with Conor Murphy going down 3&2 and Joseph Laverty losing on the 19th after forcing his match to sudden death having been three down with three to play.

In the Pierce Purcell Dundalk beat Ardee 3.5 to 1.5 despite having to play three of the matches away from home. In Dundalk Tommy Reneghan and Denis Cunningham recovered from being three down after nine to win 2&1 while Larry Soraghan and Paul Cheshire also won 2&1. In Ardee, John McKeever and Sean Quigley were beaten 5&4 but Cathal Muckian and Michael McDermott won by two holes to secure the third and winning point with Dessie Ward and Ken Lynch three up with three to play when they were called in.